Forklift Tow Jib Attachment

Part No: EW-FJ-TOW

The EW-FJ-TOW Forklift Tow Jib Attachment is a dual purpose, lightweight and simple to use forklift attachment which allows towing with the attached 50mm towball, and doubles as a 2000kg WLL lifting jib complete with 2T safety swivel hook. Includes two lifting hook positions and utilises two fork locking pins to secure the jib to the forks during operation.
$640.00 excl tax


EW-FJ-TOW  Forklift Tow Jib Attachment

The type EW-FJ-TOW Forklift Tow Jib Attachment has been designed  as a simple Slip-on Jib attachment with 2 hook positions  585mm apart and a 50 Tow Ball fitted at the front of the Jib. Both hook positions have a WLL of 2000kg – refer diagram below. When using the Tow Bar on the forklift, the Tow weight 
is not to exceed 500kg and the minimum capacity of the Forklift is to be 2 Tonne.

The Unit is supplied with 2 Fork Arm Retaining Toggle Pins to prevent the Jib from moving off the Fork Arm.
The Standard Finish on the Type EW-FJ-TOW  Forklift Tow Jib Attachment is Zinc Plated.

In Stock Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth

Products specifications
Working Load Limit kg 2000kg
Maximum Towing Capacity 500kg
Unit Weight (Kg) 45kg
Load Centre (mm) 1160mm
Pocket Size (mm) 140mm x 65mm
Pocket Centres (mm) 250mm
Horizontal Centre of Gravity (mm) 655mm
Vertical Centre of Gravity (mm) 30mm

NOTE: Only suitable for 1070mm forklift tynes

Note that the towing of trailers by a forklift fitted with a tow jib can impose overturning forces on the forklift and additional force on the mast and braking system. The load being towed must be no greater than 25% of the mass of the forklift. Towing should be carried out in a slow, smooth and controlled manner and on level ground. Sharp turning must be avoided at all time to prevent jack-knifing of the trailer.