Flammable Cabinet (60L)

Part No: EW-FC060

NS-FC060 60 litre capacity safety flammable cabinet to suit most classes of dangerous flammable goods.
$1,290.00 excl tax



  • Flammable cabinet doors fitted with continuous stainless steel pin hinges for strength and reliability
  • Flammable cabinets have fully adjustable shelves with perforations for free air movement with 100mm adjustment increment
  • Liquid tight sump to contain spills
  • State of the art powder coat finish for high durability and performance
  • Flammable cabinet has built in flash arrestors and vent openings [for mechanical ventilation systems]
  • Flammable cabinet has safety signs and directions
  • Compliant with Australian Standards (AS 1940-2004)
  • Flammable cabinet is shipped on it’s own purpose built individual and disposable skid with quality protection foam and wrapping ensuring arrival in perfect condition ready for use


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